By Eugene Matzota
Madame Merkel, we are the people!

I am writing now under the spur of the impression generated by a tragedy, that of Berlin, only months after another tragedy, that of Nice.
That is why I could be wrong, for I am only a human being, so weak, so fallible, so apt to make mistakes.

 Now, hundreds of people who sincerely believed that they could peacefully enjoy the Christmas Season… Being in the capital city of Germany, they thought they could trust the famous German safety. And yet, this was a wrong assumption. Of theirs, but also of the ones who were supposed to grant them minimum of safety…
A Romanian proverb approximately says that the fish starts going bad from his head on…
Might it be the fault of another German and European famous politician, the Iron Lady? It may seem so. The populace has no other choice but carry out commands. And the Germans do obey, they are disciplined, they do not bargain.
The force policy implemented these last years in Europe by this woman reduced to zero her ally, Hollande, at the point where the popularity he enjoys on the part of his fellow-citizens has positioned him.
The above-mentioned lady cares about her own business, continuing to harm Europe by this irrational, suicidal, self-destroying policy, of bringing the Trojan Horse inside the walls…
But why is it so?
Few people have the cheek to murmur in a world where the imposed false language of the impotent, off-color ”politically correct ” pretense has brought the European civilization on the edge of disaster. Why would you do so?
Well, let’s take a look at it, at this ”cui prodest?”, as the Romans would say.
 If we follow closely the outcome of the actions taken by the duet Merkel-Hollande, where the prima donna is Merkel, we can see that nationalism, populism, and above all ultraism, as a result, flourish. Whether it is leftism or rightism… Of course, it is not politically correct to state this clearly, and yet, this is as clear as mud if we take a look at BREXIT, or Poland, or Spain, or Austria, where only a miracle prevented the fact of choosing in elections a right extremist, which, if you remember well, did happen some years ago…
And to crown it all, here comes Trump, Putin’s friend…
In Hollande’s France, Marine le Pen is all the rage, we can notice a similar situation in Italy, where Matteo Salvini, leader of the Northern League, was writing, after the victory in December 4th 2016 referendum: ”Viva Trump, viva Putin, viva le Pen e viva la Lega!”

Mrs. Merkel’s policy, where does it lead ?

Soviet and German troops in a friendly discussion
after suppressing Polish resistance in Brest
Sept.18, 1939
And now let’s take another look at the outcome of Mrs. Merkel’s policy, to better have a clue on why she has acted so evidently against common sense. Obviously, this leads to right extremism and to the exaltation, or apotheosis of Russia…Well, but this is what Hitler did in the very beginning of his career. He came to power by following a democratic process, on the background of a wave of disappointment of the German people for the impotent leaders of those times. He was a friend of Stalin’s, aligning himself with the NKVD in order to learn out of their experience. Obviously, Putin is not Stalin. Or am I wrong, as a weak human being can be?
Merkel is not Hitler, either, but she acts in a similar way, if we watch her permissive approach and her tacit encouragement of the increase of phobia towards the Jews.

What does Merkel really want?

Would she aim at a new World War, or merely at the European Civilization destruction?

We’ll see, in the long run…