By Nikolin Svetlana

Maramuresh region in north-western part of Romania is a real living museum of this south-east European country.

Surrounded by tall mountains and heavy forests Maramuresh is the home of picturesque villages which have preserved their traditional way of life and rural culture to at fascinating extent almost impossible to be seen nowadays in Europe.

Known for their beautiful woodcarvings, tall big gates and wooden churches people of Maramuresh have kept their beautiful traditional customs which due to their uniqueness attract lot of visitors. In the villages scattered on the slopes of mountains one can even today find homes which are equipped and decorated like centuries ago.

Brightly coloured embroideries, towels, tablecloths and rugs are displayed in decorated interiors and on walls and beds. People from this region have retained a lot from the past and even today many wear their traditional folk dresses and live in cosy wooden houses that have huge yards with characteristic heavily wood-carved beamed gates, the size of which indicates the family’s status and prosperity.

The festivals of the people of Maramuresh, especially the one connected with Christmas are very expressive and colourful having roots in ancient times. The way of life and sticking to their tradition which is visible in every segment of the life of people of Maramuresh has made this historical region the last fairyland in this part of the world.

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Nikolin Svetlana

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