By Nikolin Svetlana

One of the main holidays in Christianity – Easter, which is usually a joyous time of the season this year will be marked completely differently with the tragic shadows of pandemic hovering over worldwide. Even in such situation Easter will bring to many a hope for healing, for overpowering this dangerous deadly pandemia and slowly restart of normal life.

”As we prepare to obseve Easter 2020, finally the world is united.
We are united in fear of what tomorrow will bring, of not knowing if our societies will withstand the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and if we or our family members will survive this terrible moments.
The pandemic is making the suffering of vulnerable people – migrants and refugees, the elderly, the sick, the poor and unemployed – even more deeper.
In the midst of loss, uncertainty and suffering, something incredible is happening: we are noticing the bonds which form our human family, bonds that we previously took for granted or ignored. As we live in isolation and we all become marginalised and vulnerable, the global suffering we are seeing has made it startlingly apparent to us that we need other people and other people need us. This love, seen in small and large gestures of hope and solidarity is calling us to a new future and a new way of living.
COVID-19 knows no borders but neither do faith, hope and love. Let us remember that serenity prayer and pray to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can and the wisdom to know the difference. Let us pray to find the deeper meaning of this challenge that is facing the whole of humanity and which is calling us to faith and to resurrection. I wish you all an Easter of health, love and peace.”

Cardinal Luis Antonio Gokim Tagl

Nikolin Svetlana

politicologist /journalist
journalist/ editor in chief monthly news paper ‘Trgoprodukt’ (1982-1990)
freelance journalist from1990
editor in chief – non profit
intercultural magazin „XXI Century” (2006-2016)
independent researcher on intercultural dialogue, minorities and small ethnic communities of the Balkans (Banat Bulgarians, Aromanians)
specialised ”XXI Century” magazine editions:
”Palchens in Banat”
”Aromanians of Pancevo city”
Aegeo (Egej) travel book
‘Small anthology of Aromanian poetry’
‘ Aromanian old songs’
‘Aromanians in south Banat’/project book)
‘The nomads of the Balkans’ -(translation project book)
coordinator in NGO”In Medias Res” department for small ethnic communities and intercultural dialogue ( from 2006 to 2016)