IMG-6808By James Fitzpatrick

James Fitzpatrick is a photographer based in Dublin Ireland. He comes from a Photographic family, but he treats photography more as a passion and hobby rather than employment. He does however like to take socially relevant photographs of things happening where he lives. He is a Street and fashion photographer and uses either a 35MM or 50mm prime lens. Generally he uses a Nikon 4/3 for the street or a Panasonic G5 due to the durability and size.


The Street Photographer’s Guide, a blog geared towards newish photographers, was set up to help both digital and film enthusiasts understand more about their camera, and their hobby. Here you will find biographies of well known street photographers, measuring their success and failures with their chosen equipment, and a background to their lives.


One of the main issues with modern style websites relating to this past time, is the amount of very technical Jargon, or language. A lot of the words used are incomprehensible for the amateur, and setting up a camera can be a nightmare especially if you are a newbe.
What The Street Photographers Guide does is simplify this tried a trusted method with easier to understand explanations, and photographs taken by it’s photographers to should how their advice works.


Since it is well documented a lot of Street Photography and Fashion Photography has intermingled since the days of Richard Avendon and William Klein, where styles have become very recognisable, there are a lot of people who copy these things without knowing why they work. The job of the website is to break down this process and allow you to try and create your own style.


To help you do this there are biographies of many of the well known Street Photographers and some fashion togs who did so using the streets. Here you learn how the life stories of many of the 20th Century Greats cross, through marriage, work and war.


We know the creation of Magnum brought Bresson and Cappa together, but what you might not know is it also introduced a lot of people who worked in the processing room to photography, and who went on to have incredible individual careers.


There is also the plethora of Hungarian Jewish Greats who were forced from their homes across Europe due to poverty, or persecution, and through this, and the coming together of ideas culture and talent they formed the basis of modern street photography. These are some of the shots modern exhibitors love to show.


Along with learning how to take these photographs, there are also sections where you can read reviews of equipment which is affordable for you the new photographer. From lenses to 4/3 cameras, and hoods to covers you get all the tips you need to survive a day out in the cold and the city.


The blog is constantly evolving, and there is talk of an Exhibition in March in Dublin Ireland, and the launch of an online shop selling Photographic signed prints in the same month. To stay in touch with what’s going on, why not click the link and start following the blog for yourself.